Aurora Horizon—the dawn of autonomous freight is here

We’re building Aurora Horizon to deliver the benefits of self-driving technology to freight logistics, offering extraordinary potential for growth, impact, and scalability.

Solving freight’s biggest challenges

  • Trained for safety

    Trained by expert drivers, real-world data and robust simulation, the always-attentive Aurora Driver is designed to operate safely on its intended route, while continually learning and improving over time.

  • Designed to scale

    Never be short on drivers again. Aurora Horizon will provide a reliable, predictable driver supply, filling the gap businesses struggle with today—and scaling with the increased demand they can fulfill tomorrow.

  • Built for fleet utilization

     Fully autonomous semi-trucks are not restricted by hours-of-service requirements and only need to stop for fueling, loading, and maintenance. With no hours of service limitations, driverless trucks will be able to deliver a load between Los Angeles and Dallas in less than 24 hours.

Aurora Horizon - autonomous trucking

A complete solution for autonomous freight, powered by the Aurora Driver

Aurora Driver

Our core autonomous driving technology includes our self-driving hardware, software, mapping, and data services.

Aurora Horizon  Self-Driving Trucks

Aurora Services

An essential suite of tools and technology that integrate the Aurora Driver into your existing logistics business, and support services designed to empower your team to realize the full potential of your Aurora-powered fleet.

Aurora Horizon Services

How Aurora Horizon fits into your business

Aurora Horizon will integrate with a customer’s transportation management system to seamlessly schedule loads. Drop off trailers at an AV-ready terminal, where operational checks are completed before launching them autonomously to the destination terminal.

Don’t call it a bolt-on solution

  • Deep vehicle integration developed with PACCAR

    Aurora has partnered closely with PACCAR to jointly develop a truck platform that enables the deepest integration of the Aurora Driver. Together, we are developing vehicles that support the safe operation and high utilization that the Aurora Driver requires and unlocks.

  • Designed for commercial scale

    By partnering with PACCAR to develop an autonomy-ready vehicle platform, we are laying the groundwork to manufacture these vehicles at scale. Longer term, this will allow procurement of vehicles directly from Peterbilt and Kenworth, to quickly meet new demand.

Aurora Horizon Autonomous Solutions

Strategic expansion

Aurora Horizon-powered trucks are on the road today in Texas, bringing autonomy (with the support of vehicle operators) along some of the busiest freight corridors in the country. After our targeted launch in 2024, we will aim to continue to expand to surrounding states and regions.

Your autonomous transformation starts today

Transforming your business can seem like a daunting task, especially when adopting new technology. Our team is here to understand specific needs and build a plan for how autonomous technology fits into your long term plans. Access to a safe and scalable driver supply can soon be within grasp.

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