Autonomous freight is on the Horizon

In 2024, Aurora plans to launch Horizon, the first autonomous service powered by the Aurora Driver, designed to bring safety, value, and efficiency to carriers and fleet owners.

The future of transportation is here

  • At Aurora, we believe that the benefits of self-driving technology will increase efficiency and mobility, while bringing a reliable driver supply and heightened safety to America’s roads. A safer world where goods never stop moving.

Aurora Connect - self-driving robotaxi

The Aurora Driver

The core of our technology is the Aurora Driver, our continuously improving, intelligent autonomous driving system, designed to see, understand, and safely traverse the world around it.

  • Perception designed for highway driving

    A fusion of different sensor types ensures the Aurora Driver leverages the best of all worlds, seeing at wide ranges, even in poor weather conditions. At the heart of this perception technology is our FirstLight Lidar, which extends our visibility to 400M down the road. Seeing at this distance allows for quicker reaction time and safer motion planning.

  • Doing what computers do best

    The Aurora Driver runs on a robust, proprietary computer that enables powerful software, able to understand complex environments and control the vehicle through them. It incorporates high definition mapping data, giving it deep familiarity with the ever-changing, surrounding world.

  • Getting smarter every day

    The Aurora Driver has been trained on public roads and in virtual tests that expose it to rare scenarios. New events are captured and added to our simulation database, where they’re used to continually improve the system. Similarly, when the Aurora Driver encounters changes in the environment, they are shared with all other Aurora-powered vehicles.

Working with leaders across transportation

We are proud to work with leading automakers, suppliers, networks, carriers, and private fleets to put self-driving trucks and cars on the road. Our ecosystem of pilot customers, partners, and collaborators continues to grow.

Vehicle manufacturers

Autonomy adoption starts with having the right OEM partners, allowing us to jointly develop reliable vehicle platforms that allow for deep Aurora Driver integration and manufacturing at scale.

Logistics companies

We’re defining the future of logistics operations with our customers by operating the Aurora Driver in real-world, commercially-representative pilots, moving goods in their networks. These pilots allow us to adapt Aurora Horizon to the needs of their business and allow our customers to prepare their business to realize the full potential of Aurora-powered trucks.

Developing safely with Volvo Autonomous Solutions

Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Aurora, industry leaders in safety and autonomous technology, are partnered to deliver a safe and efficient autonomous transport solution with the Aurora Driver and Volvo's autonomy enabled on-highway truck platform offering.

Learn more at Volvo Autonomous Solutions

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Building safer roads for all drivers

Safely. Quickly. Broadly. There’s a reason we have safety at the forefront of our mission. It is our anchor. Safety is at the heart of everything we do. 

Aurora Self-Driving Safety

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